Job Interviews

General Process

The job interview process in Corporate Actions is the same as in any other industry. This video below from the University of Utrecht demonstrates what to expect in a Job Interview in general.

It bears fruit to prepare answers to the following generic questions:

Tell me a little bit about yourself

“It’s a cue to walk the interviewer through your resume, explain how you got to where you are professionally and why you are interested in the job.” End by talking about how your passions align with both the company and department.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Come prepared with at least one “soft skill” strength – like a competitive drive or ability to work well within the team, with a pertinent example – and one “hard skill” that is directly related to the job at hand, like being an expert with Excel.

Have you got any questions for me?

You should always have a list of questions written down beforehand that show you’ve done your homework and have a passion for the business.

Asking about specific industry-wide trends that are relevant to the department in question demonstrates you’ve done your preparations. You can also ask the hiring manager how they ended up in their current position and what “success” looks like in the job you’re applying for.

Why did you leave your last job (or why are you considering leaving)?

The purpose is to establish whether you’re the sort of flaky person who jumps from role to role. The question can also set you up for failure if you’re not careful. Don’t be negative about your company or your boss. Especially if you’re going from one Corporate Action job to another it’s worth bearing in mind that they are likely to be similar.

What are your hobbies / what do you do in your spare time?

The idea is to name hobbies that have the closest match with the job you are applying for.

Corporate Actions specific questions

There may be specific questions, some of which are listed on this website. (Glassdoor). It lists the experiences during the interview of people who have applied for a Corporate Actions Job. It does provide some questions and answers and gives you an overall impression of how it can go.

There’s almost certainly a difference in the questions asked to people new to the industry and people are looking for a next job. 

Questions for people that are new to the industry may evolve around for example;

* What is your understanding of the job?

* What do you know about Corporate Actions?

* Can you name a couple of Corporate Action Events

* What attracts you in this job?

* What are your language skills?

Questions for people that are looking for the next job in the industry may evolve around:

* What is your greatest achievement?

* How do you deal with stress and deadlines?

* Have you come across difficult people and how did you deal with them?

* What was the most difficult event you’ve processed?

* What part of Corporate Actions Processing is your favourite?

* Have you got client service experience?