Is a career in Corporate Actions the right choice for you?

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question that many people have been asked from a very young age. Among the most popular dream jobs are “pilot”, “doctor”, “firefighter”, “astronaut”, “veterinarian”, “professional athlete”, “ballerina” and “police officer”.

But it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard a child say “I want to become a Corporate Actions Specialist!!“…

When you’re older and in high school, you’ll be offered guidance on career planning. Most schools offer help from designated career advisers. You’ll have sessions in which you’ll be asked what your main interests are and you can try to combine those with the subjects that you’re good at in school. Based on that you can investigate what kind of jobs are out there and you can even hold interviews with industry professionals.

But it’s unlikely high school kids will interview Corporate Actions Specialists to see if the job could be something for them.

When graduating from university, saddled up with a pile of student debt, no spare change in their pockets and looking for a job is when a few people could come in contact with Corporate Actions for the first time in their lives.

Rather than contacting a Corporate Action Specialist yourself to find out what a career in Corporate Actions holds in store, you can also read the below to get an answer to the following questions.

Climbing the Corporate Actions ladder – is it the right one for you?

  1. What the work is like
  2. State of the industry
  3. Money and advancement
  4. Skills and experience

The answers are based on a checklist published by the University of Buffalo, School of Management. It can be found here. The answers are provided from a Corporate Actions Processor point of view, meaning somebody who works in an Operations team. It is all based on my own personal experience and opinion. It is likely that other people won’t agree with some of my answers.

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